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Our love for languages and information science, combined with database programming IT knowhow, resulted in Logoscopio

Online reputation monitoring

Demosynth, our comprehensive content analysis software, is our biggest achievement so far. Get in touch and find out more!

Consulting and information retrieval

We also offer highly qualified IT support, training and communications consulting.

Our international experience, our practical approach and our excellent academic background will help you successfully face any information retrieval challenge and tackle any digital content monitoring project.



For your company

It is a real challenge for all companies, small, medium and big-sized, to master information management successfully and without wasting too much effort, time and resources, especially for what regards the interaction with the Internet medium and with...

For your organisation

Organisations, whether governmental or not, political parties or interest groups, have the key interest of recruiting people's support and speak to their heart and utmost concerns. Our software tools give your organisation the opportunity to monitor...

For scientific institutions

Demosynth and our other software tools are the key to improve your data collecting performance in order to carry out analyses both of quantitative and qualitative kind. Scholars and researchers from economics, social sciences and the humanities...

For journalists

Journalism today is changing more rapidly than ever. It is for this reason that the persons and the stakeholders providing the public with news, statistics and investigative reports have become very creative and versatile. They also have to be especially keen on...


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Information retrieval

Demosynth is a revolutionary software tool that enhances common Internet marketing and digital monitoring tools with multi-lingual and scientific expertise, and with the exciting opportunity of being able to monitor autonomously and in real time...
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Information management

There are several subjects that we know much about, and we look forward to sharing that knowledge with you and helping you benefit from it. Among others, we offer our advice on the following matters: Internet presence, visibility, engagement and communication strategies...
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and potentialities


Strategies and potentialities

Today, most of us live a normal, socially active life both offline and online. We use the Internet for getting directions, exchanging information, creating contents and sharing them, telling stories and finding out secrets. Even those who do not use the Internet much...
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