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The founders

Dr. Sara Nofri is a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley and at the University of Hamburg. For almost a decade, she has been a communication science and media researcher at the University of Hamburg, where she obtained her PhD title, and at several European Universities or research institutes. She also has been working, among others, as a conference interpreter. Sara has lived in several countries, especially in Germany, learnt many languages, and spent two thirds of her life in Tuscany.

Ing. Mirco Rossi, a computer and IT engineer and professional since 1999, has a portfolio of customers ranging from multinational companies to the most significant stakeholders of the financial, banking and logistics sectors. Mirco lives in Arezzo, where he has been successfully conceiving, programming and developing software and data aggregators.

Mirco and Sara went to school together and started realizing that they make a good team back in 1992, by taking part in angling competitions together.

Today, they fish the web :)


Sara Nofri

Ing. Mirco Rossi


The team

Our team is currently expanding and comprises, apart from the founders, several IT programmers with a decade of experience in planning and implementing software tools for a portfolio of companies ranging from multinational energy sector big players, to banks, postal and logistics services, and small and middle companies from the tourism and food sectors. Several collaborators all over Europe are part of the Logoscopio network.