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Research and Intelligence work are two sides of the same coin: while the former focuses more on the systematic process of retrieving and gathering relevant information, the latter rather focuses on the value and the consequences of the information retrieved.



Due to the scientific research background of our founder Dr. Sara Nofri, Logoscopio has been conceived from the very start as a company devoted to carrying out research and putting an emphasis on innovative working methods and approaches from the very start.

Dr. Nofri keeps on carrying out pilot projects and being in touch with several university colleagues from the faculties of media studies, communication science, information science and journalism studies and informatics all over the world. Her intention is to keep an eye on new scientific and media developments, while at the same time disseminating real-world information among scholars to help academic studies have a sharp perspective on digital content analyses and developments.

Her specialisation in communication and media studies and in multilanguage and cross-cultural comparison studies makes it interesting for companies and organisations to work with her on projects concerning those topics.



If you need help in gathering sensitive information that is difficult or time-consuming to retrieve in spite of being legally and publicly available, we will offer our help and knowhow for providing you with open source intelligence of the highest quality.

First, the scope and the depth of the investigation will be defined together. In this first stage, also the kind of data reports needed will be discussed.

Data will be subsequently collected, analysed and processed by us, thereby keeping in touch with any development and any new request you might have.

The collected data package will be delivered according to the methods you will have opted for, among others, for instance: real time tickers, weekly reports, business opportunity reports, warnings and emergency reports, background information up to a specific date, info-graphic material.