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If the word "Logoscopio" had existed, it would have been referred to "an instrument for the in-depth study of words, ideas, knowledge and opinions". Logoscopio turns this ideal instrument into a reality.

Logoscopio is a company that brings together our love for languages and information science with corporate and organizational database programming.

Among the challenges we have taken up so far, the most notable are


  • cross-language and cross-culture consulting for companies and organisations
  • aggregations of social media contents, sources of news and comments and publicly available databases, filtered both by computers and humans, providing a syntheses and both quantitative and qualitative analyses of what is most relevant to our customers
  • advice for conceptual processes (naming, branding, localized corporate identity management) for companies and organisations
  • creation of ad-hoc scientific software with specific language-based and grammar-based requirements.


We look forward to meeting you and taking up the challenge you will present us with.