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A real-time content monitoring tool

Demosynth is a revolutionary software tool that

  • enhances Internet marketing and digital monitoring with multi-lingual scientific expertise and
  • monitors autonomously and in real time the data you need

All versions of Demosynth combine automatic scanning of e.g. social media contents (its real specialty) with the analysis of databases and selected news outlets, to provide a cluster of significant facts about your company or organisation that can be quantitatively and qualitatively updated and visualized in any fashion you prefer.


As you like it

The depth of the searches Demosynth performs for you can be customized; the sources used can be adapted to your needs; the linguistic tools chosen will fulfil the purpose of your monitoring strategy; and the rhythm and quantities of information provided, just as the numbers of users accessing to it and the privacy of the data, can all be determined by you.

If you prefer not to have too many options, you can talk with us about your needs and we will suggest you the software package that best fulfils your requirements.


Demosynth versions

The basic version of Demosynth comprehends the licence to use the software, the on site training for making the best out of it, and the further assistance you may need to exploit all the chances the software can offer you.
There are several ways, or modules, to enhance the basic version, that respectively are more powerful in terms of sources included or types of licence.

The leading version of Demosynth features a combination of automatic quantitative analyses, developed by Mirco, with content analyses of quantity and quality performed partially by the programme, and partially by the human mind: the specific method developed, in this respect, has been developed by Sara during her university career and takes advantage of language combinations and semantic groupings to get more extensive information and insights about specific topics, the kind of information that normal search engines and human queries tend to overlook or neglect.